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Brief History

Welcome to Masjid Ul Madni

THE Anjuman E Islahul Muslimin was established in the early 1970s, following the arrival of the first generation of Muslims in the city of Birmingham.

The Association was responsible in making provision for facilities for Jamaat (congregational) prayers as well as Madressa (Religious out of School classes) Initially these were held at individual members houses, or at other venues such as Halls, Clubs, and school which were hired.

However within a few years the need to find a permanent site became clear, with the ever growing Muslim community. Alhamdulillah’s through the efforts of our founding members 58, Trinity Road was located as a possible site; however they faced numerous challenges as the building need to be converted for purpose. Through the grace of Allah the Association and its supporting members rose to the challenge to renovate it sacrificing their own time and resources to provide facilities for congregational hall, Wudhu Area, Madressa Class Rooms and provision for Funeral arrangements. By the early 1970s the premises catered for the local community’s needs.